Worksheet on Gravitation

Q1 Newton's law of gravitation :

a) is not applicable ut side the solar system

b) is used to govern the motion of satellites only

c) control the rotational motion of satellites and planets

d) control the rotational motion of electrons in atoms

Q2 The value of universal gravitational constant G depends upon :

a) Nature of material of two bodies

b) Heat constant of two bodies

c) Acceleration of two bodies

d) None of these

Q3 The tidal waves in the seas are primarily due to :

a) The gravitational effect the sun on the earth

b) The gravitational effect of the moon on the earth

c) The rotation of the earth

d) The atmospheric effect of the earth it self

Q4 During the journey of space ship from earth to moon and back, the maximum fuel is consumed :-

a) Against the gravitation of earth in return journey

b) Against the gravitation of earth in onward journey

c) Against the gravitation of moon while reaching the moon

d) None of the above

Q5 An earth's satellite is moving in a circular orbit with a uniform speed v. If the gravitational force of the earth suddenly disappears, the satellite will :-

a) vanish into outer space

b) continue to move with velocity v in original orbit

c) fall down with increasing velocity

d) fly off tangentially from the orbit with velocity v

Q6 Acceleration due to gravity at the centre of the earth is :-

a) g

b) g/2

c) zero

d) infinite

Q7 The value of 'g' on earth surface depends :-

a) only an earth's structure

b) only an earth's rotational motion

c) on above both

d) on none these and is same

Q8 If the earth stops rotating suddenly, the value of g at a place other than poles would :-

a) Decrease

b) Remain constant

c) Increase

d) Increase or decrease depending on the position of earth in the orbit round the sun

Q9 More amount of sugar is obtained in 1 kg weight :

a) At North pole

b) At equator

c) Between pole and equator

d) At South pole

Q10 When you move from equator to pole, the value of acceleration due to gravity (g) :-

a) increases

b) decreases

c) remains the same

d) first increases then decreases

Q11 When the radius of earth is reduced by 1% without changing the mass, then the acceleration due to gravity will

a) increase by 2%

b) decrease by 1.5%

c) increase by 1%

d) decrease by 1%

Q12 Weight of a body of mass m decreases by 1% when it is raised to height h above the earth's surface. If the body is taken to a depth h in a mine, then in its weight will.

a) decrease by 0.5%

b) decrease by 2%

c) increase by 0.5%

d) increase by 1%

Q13 The change in the value of 'g' at a height 'h' above the surface of the earth is some as at a depth 'd'. If 'd' and 'h' are much smaller than the radius of earth, then which one of the following is correct?

a) d = h

b) d = 2h

c) d =3h/2

d) d = h/2

Q14 If the rotational speed of earth is increased then weight of a body at the equator

a) increases

b) decreases

c) becomes double

d) does not changes

Q15 Two different masses are dropped from same heights. When these just strike the ground, the following is same :

a) kinetic energy

b) potential energy

c) linear momentum

d) acceleration

Q16 The gravitational potential energy is maximum at:

a) infinity

b) the earth's surface

c) The centre of the earth

d) Twice the radius of the earth

Q17 Potential energy of a 3kg body at the surface of a planet is - 54J, then escape velocity will be:

a) 18 m/s

b) 162 m/s

c) 36 m/s

d) 6 m/s

Q18 Escape velocity of a 1kg body on a planet is 100 m/s. Potential energy of body at that planet is:

a) -5000J

b) -1000J

c) -2400J

d) -10000J


1) c

2) d

3) b

4) b

5) d

6) c

7) c

8) c

9) b

10) a

11) a

12) a

13) b

14) b

15) d

16) a

17) d

18) a

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