Worksheet on Properties of Matter

Q1 The lower surface of a cube is fixed. On its upper surface, force is applied at an angle of 300 from its surface. the change will be in its.

a) Shape

b) Size

c) Volume

d) Both shape and size

Q2 If the density of the material increase, the value of Young’s modulus.

a) Increases

b) decreases

c) first increases, then decreases

d) first decreases, then increases

Q3 For a given material, the Young’s modulus is 2.4 times that of rigidity modulus. Its Poisson’s ratio is.

a) 2.4

b) 1.2

c) 0.4

d) 0.2

Q4 Poisson’s ratio cannot have the value.

a) 0.1

b) 0.7

c) 0.2

d) 0.5

Q5 If the density of a block is 981 kg/m3 then it shall.

a) Sink in water

b) Float with some part immersed in water

c) Float completely immersed in water

d) Float completely out of water.

Q6 A piece of ice is floating in a jar containing water. When the ice melts, then the level of water:-

a) Rises

b) Falls

c) Remains unchanged

d) Changes erratically

Q7 Torr’ is the unit of :-

a) Pressure

b) Density

c) Volume

d) Flux

Q8 Which of the following works on Pascal’s law?

a) Sprayer

b) Venturimeter

c) Hydraulic lift

d) Aneroid barometer

Q9 A body measures 5 N in air and 2 N when put in water. The buoyant force is.

a) 7 N

b) 9 N

c) 3 N

d) None of these

Q10 Hydraulic press is bases upon.

a) Archimede’s principle

b) Bernoulli’s theorem

c) Pascal’s law

d) Reynold’s number

Q11 A wooden block is taken to the bottom of a lake of water and then released. It rise up with a.

a) Constant acceleration

b) Decreasing acceleration

c) Constant velocity

d) Decreasing velocity

Q12 Assertion:- Gases also behave as fluids.

Reason:- Gas molecules are bounded by cohesive forces.

a) A

b) B

c) C

d) D

Q13 Scent sprayer is based on.

a) Charle’s law

b) Archimede’s princip

c) Boyle’s law

d) Bernoulli’s theorem

Q14 Bernoulli’s equation for steady, non-viscous, incompressible flow expresses the.

a) Conservation of angular momentum

b) Conservation of density

c) Conservation of momentum

d) Conservation of mechanical energy.

Q15 Application of Bernoulli’s theorem can be seen in.

a) Dynamic lift to aeroplane

b) Hydraulic press

c) Speed boat

d) None of these

Q16 The velocity of falling rain drop attain limited value because of.

a) Surface tension

b) upthrust due to air

c) viscous force exerted by air

d) air current

Q17 Poise is the unit of.

a) Pressure

b) Friction

c) Surface tension

d) Viscosity

Q18 Two rain drops falling through air have radii in the ratio 1 : 2. They will have terminal velocity in the ratio.

a) 4 : 1

b) 1 : 4

c) 2 : 1

d) 1 : 2

Q19 A sphere of mass M and radius R is falling in a viscous fluid. The terminal velocity attained by the falling object will be proportional to.

a) MR to the power (2)

b) M/R

c) MR

d) M/R to the power (2)

Q20 Spiders and insects move and run about on the surface of water without sinking because:-

a) Elastic membrane is formed on water due to propery of surface tension

b) Spiders and insects are lighter

c) Spiders and insects swim on water

d) Spiders and insects experience up-thrust

Q21 A water drop is divided into 8 equal droplets. The pressure difference between inner and outer sides of the big drop.

a) will be the same as for smaller droplet

b) will be half of that for smaller droplet

c) will be one-forth of that for smaller droplet

d) will be twice of that for smaller drople

Q22 Shape of meniscus for a liquid of zero angle of contact:-

a) plane

b) parabolic

c) hemi-spherical

d) cylindrical

Q23 Due to capillary action a liquid will rise in a tube if angle of contact is.

a) acute

b) obtuse

c) 90 degree

d) 180 degree

Q24 Two droplets merge with each other and form a large droplet. In this process:-

a) Energy is liberated

b) Energy is absorbed

c) Neither liberated nor absorbed

d) Some mass is converted into energy

Q25 If the surface tension of a liquid is T and its surface area is increased by A, then the surface energy of that surface will be increased by:-

a) AT

b) A/T

c) A to the power (2)T

d) A to the power (2) T to the power (2)

Q26 The excess of pressure inside a soap bubble than that of the outer pressure is :-

a) 2T/r

b) 4T/r

c) T/2r

d) T/r

Q27 At which angle liquid will not wet solid.

a) zero

b) acute

c) 45 degree

d) obtuse

Q28 Adding detergents to water helps in removing dirty greasy stains. This is because:-

(a) It increases the oil-water surface tension

(b) It decreases the oil-water surface tension

(c) It increases the viscosity of the solution

(d) Dirt is held suspended surrounded by detergent molecules

a) (b) and (d)

b) (a) only

c) (c) and (d)

d) only

Q29 The excess pressure inside a soap bubble A is twice that in another soap bubble B. The ratio of volumes of A and B is:-

a) 1 : 2

b) 1 : 4

c) 1 : 8

d) 1 : 16

Q30 The wettability of a surface by a liquid depends primarily on :-

a) angle of contact between the surface and the liquid

b) viscosity

c) surface tension

d) density

Q31 Water rises to height ‘h’ in capillary tube. If the length of capillary tube above the surface of water is made less than ‘h’, then:-

a) water does not rise at all.

b) water rises upto the tip of capillary tube and the starts overflowing like a fountain.

c) water rises upto the top of capillary tube and stays there without overflowing.

d) water rises upto a point a little below the top and stays there.

Q32 Assertion :- Work is required to be done to stretch a wire. This work is stored in the wire in the form of elastic potential energy.

Reason :- Work is required to be done against the intermolecular forces of attraction.

a) A

b) B

c) C

d) D

Q33 Assertion:- The bridges are declared unsafe after a long use.

Reason:- Elastic strength of bridges losses with time.

a) A

b) B

c) C

d) D

Q34 Assertion:- Young’s modulus for a perfectly plastic body is zero.

Reason :- For a perfectly plastic body, restoring force is zero.

a) A

b) B

c) C

d) D

Q35 Assertion:- Identical springs of steel and copper are equally stretched. More work will be done on the steel spring.

Reason:- Steel is more elastic than copper

a) A

b) B

c) C

d) D

Q36 Assertion:- Stress is the internal force per unit area of a body

Reason :- Rubber is more elastic than steel

a) A

b) B

c) C

d) D

Q37 Assertion:- Rubber is more elastic than glass.

Reason :-The rubber has higher modulus of elasticity than glass

a) A

b) B

c) C

d) D

Q38 Assertion:- Specific gravity of a fluid is a dimensionless quantity.

Reason:- It is the ratio of density of fluid to the density of water.

a) A

b) B

c) C

d) D

Q39 Assertion:-The size of a hydrogen balloon increase as it rise in air.

Reason:- The material of the balloon can be easily stretched.

a) A

b) B

c) C

d) D

Q40 Assertion:- Machine parts are jammed in winter.

Reason:-The viscosity of lubricant used in machine part decrease at low temperature.

a) A

b) B

c) C

d) D


1) d

2) a

3) d

4) b

5) b

6) c

7) a

8) c

9) c

10) c

11) a

12) c

13) d

14) d

15) a

16) c

17) d

18) b

19) b

20) a

21) b

22) c

23) a

24) a

25) a

26) b

27) d

28) a

29) c

30) a

31) c

32) a

33) a

34) a

35) a

36) c

37) d

38) a

39) b

40) c

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