Never underestimate yourself and try to Think Out Of The Box

By: Rajdeep Madhra

I am an intelligent student.

Yes, this is the approach you must have.


Every student has one primary target, to achieve success is life.

Related to this, one has secondary targets also, to become rich, to be helpful to society, to have a reputation, to live a good life etc.

If we want to achieve all this, our journey should start from a positive thought.​



  • If you are taking adequate steps towards your goal, you will feel relaxed. It does not matter whether you succeed or not.

  • Stress never comes from hard work. It comes primarily from not taking the actions that you are supposed to do.    (I heard these two statements from Jeff Bezos, in an interview)

A student must have a goal. I will suggest making some Goal Cards.  (write what you want to complete in a specific time)  

This is extremely helpful in maintaining a balanced focus.


Also you must know your assets. 


I have a catchy mind.

I understand concepts easily. 

I have good handwriting.

I have a creative mind. 

I am very good at experimental activities.

I am very good at extracurricular activities. Etc.

I am very good in computer science.

I have good command in mathematics. and many more or other than the above mentioned.


Do you know about Shakuntala Devi, a renowned person in India? She had just the super capability of solving tough calculations in seconds. This one ability made her a famous person in the world.


Never be negative.

Always admire your assets/qualities.

Lead a Balanced & focused life. You will never have stress. 

Always remember:

You cannot move forward when you put your feet on the accelerator & break simultaneously.

Sunder pichai statement : when u start something new, it is not a guarentee of success, but it is guarented that you will learn something new.

thinking out of the box

seems to be an inspiring quote... isn't it...  

This article basically emphasis on upgrading our traditional mind-set which can lead to increase our potential growth.

​     Article covers:

  • Thinking out of the box meaning.

  • some practical illustrations.

  • How out of the box thinking helps our mind to relax.

  • Thinking of the box thinking can be helpful for students.

Thinking out of the box means identifying much more practical ways of doing / studying / performing working / projecting or performing a specific task instead of just thinking the conventional way.

When you are thinking out of the box, you are limitless. Maybe you can think of over imaginable conditions but that's not the point practically.

You need to upgrade yourself then only you will be able to think out of the box.

 What do I mean by upgrading yourself……..

You might be thinking that internet is the

only way to do so…

Yes, to a very large extent, but not 100%.

 What do I mean……?

Before discussing further, let's give a second reading some practical illustrations of upgrading oneself.

Just watch a gardener caring his plants in a public garden: a perfect example where patience gives a beautiful result, a homemaker serving her best to her family: An illustration in which we can see a member responsible for a balanced family, a normal labour doing multiple tasking: An example in which we can see the adjustment of physical and mental functioning..

These are certain commonly unnoticed examples.

Now let's come to some big examples --- success story of Online Teaching Platforms : Platform which were planned when there was a huge market of offline teaching, origin of pinterest : a website helping you to discover ideas you love to explore, originated at the time of recession in USA , success strategy of YouTube :  which made it second largest search engine crossing all limits of success in video sharing and much more.

Just think on the above illustrations or examples. They All got success by thinking out of the way and by going against the wind. Now we all can see that they have turned the direction of wind .You may have a lot of great ideas but implementing all those ideas can consume a lot of time, energy and effort.

 Remember “time is success”




Thinking out of the box may not be a guarantee of success but at least we feel satisfied that we have done a task in our own free manner, somewhere giving us mental peace that we followed our inner voice.

In order to succeed in examinations, we as a student should not try to cram everything. In fact we should try to identify different scenario or possible conditions or possible illustrations in a specific question. By thinking this way we can certainly develop understanding skill to deeper extent.

It may seem to a difficult task or a time wasting exercise, but STOP! Think about the case of Thomas Alva Edison: who was a school drop-out but his curiosity, his working capability, his thinking out of the box  helped him to invent light bulb, Albert Einstein who used to perform various complicated calculations on just the backside of Inland letters which he used to receive from relatives.

Again my motive is not to give away the conventional study method

















but along with that if you have time,

curiosity and interest, then as a student

you must apply the concept of Thinking beyond given conditions, in your studies too…

Do I really need an Online course?

Do this question confuses you before making payment for an online course?

Then my suggestion and Answer would be a Big YES. Go for it.

Not just because I am also one of those teachers who are providing the online courses, it is because I belong to that group of teachers who really want to help students.


Now you may wonder, when almost everything is available on the internet free of cost, then why go for paid courses.  

The answer comprises is the question itself. Actually, the main missing point is the right direction. What does that mean?


This simply means that when you buy a course, you have a specific mindset, that I have paid for it, hence I should complete it.

The moment you complete a course, you feel confident, and ultimately this confidence gives you strength in scoring good marks.


Focus is the most valuable strength of a student.


The following quotes will give you some motivation as they also motivated me to help students by creating an online course

  • You cannot be cheap on your journey towards greatness.

  • It does not matter, where you come from, it matters where you want to go.


Always remember, focused study & dedication will help you to achieve your target.

Today's world is a smart world now. So we must do hard work but smartly. Online platforms are extremely helpful for students to study smartly.


My dear friend, nothing is free in this world, even before buying slippers, you search for different designs on different platforms, etc.(Which are not free) then for studies, which would finally impact your future, you must give a second thought.

So my humble and honest suggestion to you: Think deeply & compare deeply, not for free courses, but for paid ones.


The First Major benefit of paid courses is that they provide you right direction & a focused mindset.


The second major benefit of the paid courses is that they provide you a task and also help in completing that task. It is like completing an assignment with the teacher sitting along with you.


The Third Major Benefit:- It saves you precious time.

When you search for quality content on your topic, you might waste your precious time. Sometimes it takes hours & days. This loss you cannot & should not afford.


Fourth Major Benefit:- It helps to maintain and follow your timetable, especially during exam days. 


Further are some extreme benefits of online study.


1) It gives you more freedom as far as time is concerned. It does not matter whether you study in the daytime or at night hours.

You don’t have to get ready, just sit down, open your laptop and start studying. (flexibility at the next level).


2) Your mentor or teacher is always with you all 7 days, 24 hrs. a week. He neither gets tired nor feels ill.

When you feel tired, just shut down your device and take a rest. (isn't it amazing).


3) You can learn whatever you want.

Let’s say you want to solve numerical on a specific topic, you can.

You want to learn MCQs on any specific topic, you can.


4) Lower costs as compared to the high fee structure of offline classes.


Remember: Excess knowledge creates confusion unless you put it in the right direction.

So finally In order to save precious time, energy, concentration, and money, my sincere advice is to go for online paid courses.

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Suggestions for You By:

Tanisha - Understand the concept correctly.. And practice the questions.. 

Deep Shika Bhakuni - Give your best in every sphere of life and trust on yourself and seize every opportunity that life gives to you.. ^_^

Kanishka Tiwari - Hard work always pays off

Siddharth Arya - Practice and you will get success.

Chanchal - All you need to revise thoroughly whatever sir teaches, just don't use too much of your brain or rush to n number of books rather trust sir I can bet you ll excel in your boards.

Tanisha Pandey - Theory notes as well as questions provided in the coaching classes are beneficial for board exams as well as for competitive exams .

Divyanshi Agarwal - Studies demand your time and hardwork. To achieve something more than just mere passing marks you have to give continuos efforts through out the year.